Hello, my name is Hemmo de Jonge

I'm also known as Dutchicon. I’m an icon designer who creates high quality icon design systems in a refined but simple style. I do this for mobile, web, branding and wayfinding.

Hemmo de Jonge, aka #dutchicon, working on the Dutch Government (Rijksoverheid) icon design style.

About me

After graduating from Willem de Kooning, Academy of Art and Design in Rotterdam in 2003, I spent the better part of that decade designing logos and corporate identities. The people at the design agency I worked at at the time believed I was pretty good at it as well. But like many graphic designers, passionate about their profession, I realized if I wanted to grow further as a designer, I’d better try to make it on my own. In the summer of 2009 I created my first batch of 150 icons and uploaded these to iStock. The first month I made the ginormous amount of 44 dollars… yay. However, it was reason enough for me to start Dutchicon. 2010 went very well and I decided to become a full time icon designer. The demand for icons seemed to grow at a vast pace and it was not long before I turned up on the radar of some very large companies and organizations in desperate need of custom icon design. One of those companies was TomTom. It was a great, smooth and informative experience to collaborate with them. From now on I was considered an icon design specialist, perhaps even an icon design expert. All I had been doing to achieve this was just giving in to my healthy obsession with the simplicity of icons and improving my skills one icon at a time.

In the past couple of years I have created thousands of icons for all kinds of projects and organizations, big and small. To name a few, in no particular order: Transavia, Studio Dumbar, Randstad, ZS Associates, Saltro, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Dutch Government, Swedish Railroad, Toyota, Twitter, Yandex, Pond Stockholm, Eight Media, Online Department, iSpaces, Click, Liman, TomTom, Railway, Hello München, Hoegh, Envoy, Daily Milk, Tangerine Design, Koffiecentrale, Parcsis, HP Palm, The Next Web, UI8, Fonts.com, Symbolset, Dutch Police Force, Elsevier, Australian Post and many more.

Start something new

Are you interested in breaking new ground? Do you wish to collaborate in a highly structured and stress-free manner? Do you have an icon project that deserves only the very best? Then tell me what's on your mind; elaborately, but to the point. It's also fine if you just want to say hi, then you should check me or my stuff out at Twitter, LinkedIn or Dribbble as well. I'm looking forward to connect.

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